Daisy UI is a open-source component library for Tailwind CSS that offers a variety of customizable and responsive UI components for building modern web applications.

Daisy UI is a UI library built on top of Tailwind CSS that provides additional UI components and utilities to simplify UI design and development. Daisy UI offers more than 50 custom-designed components, including badges, buttons, forms, and modals, that can be easily integrated into projects. The library also provides additional utility classes and plugins, such as a dark mode plugin and a responsive font size plugin. Daisy UI is designed to be highly customizable, allowing developers to modify and extend the components and utilities to fit their specific needs. With Daisy UI, developers can create beautiful and responsive UI designs quickly and efficiently.


  • Well documented
  • Responsive
  • Highly customizable
  • Themeable
  • RTL supported
  • No dependencies