Tailmater is a UI library built on top of Tailwind CSS that provides a collection of customizable and responsive UI components for building web applications.

Tailmater is a UI library built with Vue.js and Tailwind CSS, which provides a set of customizable UI components and templates for building web applications. The library includes various components such as cards, forms, buttons, and navigation bars that can be easily integrated into Vue.js projects. Tailmater also includes customizable templates for common web application layouts such as dashboards, e-commerce pages, and landing pages. The library is designed to be flexible and easily modifiable, allowing developers to modify and extend the components and templates to suit their specific needs. With Tailmater, developers can build beautiful and responsive UI designs quickly and efficiently.


  • Open-source
  • Tailwind CSS v3
  • Well Documented
  • Light/dark Mode
  • Vanilla Javascript
  • Easy-to-customize