Top 10 Innovative Products this week : 3rd - 8th Apr

Top 10 Innovative Products this week : 3rd - 8th Apr

Introducing a collection of some of the most innovative and exciting products we've seen in the past week. From cutting-edge AI-based solutions to amazing products in various categories, this collection has something for everyone.

Hello and welcome to a momentous day: Saasprojects has hit a major milestone of 200 products listed in under 3 months! Thank you for your unwavering support - it's truly appreciated 🙌

As it's Saturday, let's keep things simple and exciting. Here's a treat for you: the top 10 products on Saasprojects this week. We've come across some incredible products, ranging from AI-based to other great categories. Let's dive in and check them out!

1. Lago


Lago streamlines pricing with a no-code UI, billing, and metering. It handles metering to invoicing in one place and enables fast deployment.

2. Mockey AI

Mockey AI

Mockey AI is a free mockup generator for eCommerce and Print-on-Demand brands with 14 categories and customizable backgrounds.

3. Rask


Rask AI helps translate videos into 60+ languages and add voiceovers using "Text-to-Voice" and "Voice Cloning" technologies.

4. ProbeAI


ProbeAI automates SQL code generation, optimization, and fixing, adapts to business-specific definitions, and supports major databases and warehouses.

5. EnhanceAI


EnhanceAI Autocomplete boosts leads and reviews with customizable OpenAI models. Easy integration, free up to 1M tokens.

6. Spotlight


Spotlight is a chrome extension that helps you find the best sports and concert tickets.

7. Tangram Styler

Tangram Styler

trytangram lets you modify any webpage without coding. Rather than learning how to write HTML/CSS/JS or use a website builder, speak your edits to life!

8. refinenew

refinenew creates enterprise-grade React projects in your browser, with 500+ unique tech stack combinations. 100% open source and forever free.

9. Flaticon plugin for Figma

Flaticon plugin for Figma

Flaticon plugin for Figma brings millions of vector icons to your designs, with smooth designer experience.

10. June AI

June AI

June AI is a tool that helps answer complex product questions using English language. Simply write your question, and June AI will return the answer.

Thanks for checking out the top 10 products on Saasprojects this week! We're always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in the world of SaaS, and we can't wait to share more with you in the future.

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Until next time, keep building amazing products!